Internet of Things

Connecting the Future

Jabil IoT Solutions

The relationships between electronics, data, and connected networks have impacted our current information age to help consumers make better decisions and improve daily life. The Internet of Things is a system of devices and infrastructure requiring effective and seamless wireless communications capability. Successful IoT products also require a keen sense of the key IoT trends, as well as integrating expertise in design, architecture, and ecosystem variables. Jabil not only understands the broad IoT challenges, we have years of experience innovating end-to-end solutions across the full IoT ecosystem. Businesses looking to improve product offerings with IoT technology gain more opportunities and benefits when partnered with a strong partner.

Areas of Development for IoT Technology

As development increases for the technology and solutions of the next iteration of the Internet of Things, businesses involved in IoT solutions can find new markets to engage in addition to finding ways to optimize their current electronic offerings. IoT devices and capabilities are found in a wide range of industries, each with its own set of IoT applications and solutions:

Eventually, the Internet of Things will encompass even more industries as new IoT applications are discovered. Companies interested in building up their IoT offerings will have a competitive edge in the development of future retail markets as more and more consumers expects internet connectivity with their devices and other consumer electronics. Progressive companies will not only develop IoT solutions for a single industry; rather, they will use their IoT expertise to develop products for multiple industries.

Business Benefits with IoT

As consumer interest in the Internet of Things and connected devices continues to grow, companies providing IoT products will find added value with customers and new business opportunities:

  • Ongoing relationships with customers – the purchase of a product is no longer the end of customer interaction. IoT solutions offer new ways to stay relevant and continue the conversation between businesses and their customers.
  • New market opportunities and revenue streams – IoT technology and the transfer of information can encourage customers for future purchases and services.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships – with continual upgrades and innovations in IoT technology, business can align themselves with partners to optimize product and service offerings, manage data, or use consumer information to improve retail experiences.

Jabil’s Approach to the Internet of Things

Jabil is a global design, supply chain and manufacturing services company with a focus on product design, development, industrialization and integration of IoT solutions for the world’s biggest brands. Our customer services cover every aspect of the IoT value chain, including devices, smartphones, network infrastructure, and the cloud. Working with Jabil helps to ensure faster time-to-market to effectively engage in the competitive markets of IoT technology: 

  • Expertise and Partnerships – With 27,000 suppliers and over 500 of the world’s largest brands as customers, Jabil has the longstanding economic relationships to empower your new product or solution.
  • Massive Manufacturing Scale – With more than 43 million square feet of manufacturing capacity, and over 100 facilities in 29 countries, Jabil is uniquely positioned to build locally, regionally and globally.
  • Supply Chain Expertise – Our single instance of SAP globally, lowest landed cost calculation and risk scores ensure the right manufacturing and hardware solutions.
  • Experienced Design and Engineering – Jabil boasts over 1,600 hardware design engineers and 200 UI/UX, industrial and mechanical designer/discovery consultants globally to ensure the success of each project.

As a hardware designer, builder and Integrator, Jabil conduct customized, end-to-end consulting, integration and on-going maintenance from discovery and architecture to building, testing and deployment of IoT solutions.  Because of our partnerships across multiple industries, helping develop and optimize top brand products, we have experience developing technology and devices that make up the entire IoT ecosystem. When partnering with Jabil, customers gain access to leading manufacturing technologies and an innovative workforce, determine to bring success to products at any stage of the development process.

  • Discovery – We can define the business case and requirements
  • Design – We orchestrate solution design and architecture, and develop supply chain specifications
  • Hardware – We design and engineer industrial hardware, partner with customers for design and firmware, and provide certification and test services
  • Cloud/Software – From device management, cloud storage and analytics, and other software requirements, we pull in the right resources to generate powerful business outcomes
  • Analytics/Dashboard – Make smarter, faster business decision through data visualization, actionable analytics and automation

The Jabil Difference

Partnering with Jabil gives customers the edge when looking for new ways to upgrade current products with IoT capabilities or exploring new innovation opportunities:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Dedicated IoT engineering team
  • Strong industry partnerships
  • End-to-end solutions provider

Jabil IoT services adapt readily to your evolving business and product needs, from design and fabrication through complex integration, validation, and test. Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering you to focus on what matters most to your business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered. 

Jabil’s Internet of Things expertise is located throughout the world.