Wifi ™ and Zigbee ™

Technologies at the Heart of Device Communication and the Internet of Things

Wifi ™ and Zigbee ™ technologies are at the heart of device communication and the Internet of things — from home automation to embedded sensing and industrial controls. Jabil has advanced expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing Wifi ™ - and Zigbee ™- enabled devices for applications such as:

  • Networking equipment
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Connected appliances
  • Industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) communications
  • Smart meters
  • Smart plugs

These devices typically use antennas, power sources, and other elements mounted in a wide variety of materials such as glass, textiles, plastics, and ceramics. They need to interface with multiple protocols, security access points, and network data. All these factors add up to the need for exacting yet innovative design and precision manufacturing using advanced automation techniques.

And with high-volume, connected consumer items, the pressure to bring a product — hopefully, the next must-have gadget — to market rapidly is enormous. The supply chain, from sourcing through shipping, must perform flawlessly to return profits while volumes soar and prices fall.

Jabil’s Wifi ™ and Zigbee ™ expertise is located throughout the world.