Outsourced Manufacturing Makes Sense for Healthcare

Partner with Jabil to address labor shortage, flexible scaling, and technology demands

As a contract manufacturer, Jabil helps bring its customers’ visions to life. For our healthcare customers, the need for a proven, experienced partner in engineering, production, and supply chain is more intense than ever. Geoff Crouse, CEO at Candela, explains how they benefit, “Jabil brings a level of manufacturing expertise and external knowledge from multiple medical device worlds that increases our skills and capabilities exponentially.”

While today’s reasons for outsourcing are similar to the past, the tight employment market and increasing demands for technically sophisticated devices are driving more companies to outsource specialized tasks. Tania Boler, CEO and Founder of Elvie, explained how Jabil supports her teams, “One of the things I appreciate most is Jabil’s ‘work cell’ model,” Boler adds. “We have a dedicated team to ensure consistency and iron out problems in real time. With Jabil, we have a 24/7 partner who’s there if, and when, we need them.”

Let’s take a look at why companies turn to Jabil for manufacturing solutions – and how those reasons are intensifying in today’s market:

Technological Expertise

As digital healthcare and connected devices take over the healthcare market, Jabil stands out with long history in electronics. Most of the medical devices in production at Jabil now include electronics and communications technology that require highly specialized expertise, equipment, and processes.  

Quality Standards

Jabil’s is recognized for its quality systems and processes in highly regulated industries like healthcare, automotive, and defense. Several sites have been awarded MedAccred accreditation and top-tier healthcare brands entrust their products—and their customers’ experiences—to Jabil’s expert teams.

Flexible Scale

Working with Jabil supports an accelerated time to market and the subsequent ability to scale up or down as your business or the market changes. With 100 locations around the world, Jabil helps reduce risk while enabling redundancy and localization.    

Lower Labor Costs

There is more involved in labor costs than just the hourly workers on the line. Today’s labor market requires investment in recruiting, management, and benefits. Outsourcing to Jabil removes the headaches of staffing for full-scale, specialized manufacturing.

Focus on Core Competency

R&D and product teams are often stretched, and today’s labor market is exacerbating the problem. Work with Jabil’s design-for-manufacturing and production experts to stay on track while your experts focus on the future.

Specialized Experts & Equipment

Manufacturing is complicated. Manufacturing for regulated industries is even more complex. Jabil employs more than 200,000 expert manufacturers and invests in specialized equipment that handle every step of the manufacturing process—from design to distribution. 

Supply Chain Optimization     

Few companies can match the scale of Jabil’s procurement and supply chain optimization. We employ thousands of supply chain specialists who negotiate with over 36,000 suppliers around the world. Our customers benefit from this ecosystem with lower costs, quality components, and uninterrupted production.       


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