Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems (PDS)

Designing, Developing, and Delivering Products for Optimal Outcomes


Jabil Healthcare helps our customers design, develop and manufacture some of the most complex and innovative drug delivery devices in the market.

Jabil Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems (PDS) business can be sub-divided into two key domains: inhalers and injectables. Our engagement with customers begins with design and development and migrates across the entire product lifecycle to manufacturing, sterilization, and assembly of final product, including the ability to integrate pre-filled drugs into primary containers’ delivery devices before they leave our factory.

The PDS market requires the highest levels of competence, experience, and scale from a manufacturing partner. Design specifications, patient safety, regulatory requirements, usability, aesthetics, functionality, and large-scale manufacturing objectives all must be addressed.

In recent years, Jabil Healthcare has earned praise for its innovative work leveraging connected solutions into our customers’ product designs. Connected Health continues to be a core focus for PDS, with particular emphasis on clinical trials. We have a proven track record of successfully executing large New Program Introductions (NPI) and ramping into commercial production while simultaneously accommodating rapidly iterating process improvements and reducing risk and overall cost.

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