E-Commerce & Robotics Solutions

E-Commerce, Warehouse Automation & Robotics Solutions

Automate and Connect your Warehouse 

The movement of consumer goods is becoming increasingly automated with mobile robots and automated guided vehicles doing all the heavy lifting. In both distribution and fulfillment centers, regardless of the destination, personalized and efficient fulfillment is a requirement.

Below are just some of the ways we support our customers with solutions in Robotics, Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, Peripherals, and Wireless Connectivity.

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Warehouse Robotics (AGV AMR, PPR)

Retail Robotics, Automation and Connectivity in the Warehouse

Fully Autonomous Bots for piece sorting, picking & packing.

  • Robotic systems: AGV, AMR, PPR that are human-collaborative
  • Additive Manufacturing to accelerate robotic picking and reduce power consumption
  • Reference Design Platform to accelerate product introduction and co-design collaboration

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Retail Robotics, Automation and Connectivity in the Warehouse

Safer, simpler material handling & retrieving.

  • Next-gen technology: shuttle and cube based systems
  • Horizontal and vertical based ASRS system capabilities
  • Unit or mini-load systems for space optimization

Scanners, Printers & Sensors

Retail Robotics, Automation and Connectivity in the Warehouse

High quality, durable solutions from Zebra for capture and safeguard of vital data.

  • Decant, pick-stations and conveyor system assembly
  • Ruggedized scanner and tablets
  • RFID-enabled labels & printers

Wireless Connectivity

Retail Robotics, Automation and Connectivity in the Warehouse

Enabling mission-critical supply chain decisions without sacrificing agility, resilience, predictability and compliance.

  • ‘Hive-mind’ automated optimizations turn distribution networks into resilient strategic asset driving greater supply chain efficiencies.
  • Products can be shared between several locations, linking smaller warehouses and micro fulfillment centers into an adaptable inventory management system in real time.

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