On-the-Go & Self Service

On-the-Go Retail Technology Solutions and Payments

Turn-key Solutions for On-the-Go Customers

Delivering a seamless and personalized experience for today's highly mobile consumer across retail's expanding range of environments requires planning, capability, and technical expertise.

Partner with Jabil to stay ahead of the curve with solutions for your customers on the go, from ATM and smart vending and kiosks, to embedded payment interfaces at fuel and EV charging stations.

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Autonomous Vending Machines, Kiosks & ATMs

On-the-Go Retail Technology, Connected Products and Payments

From freestanding super-automatic beverage vending machines, capable of a variety cold and hot drinks, to the next generation of ATMs with holographic HMI, Jabil builds and ramps for the world’s leading automation brands.

  • Build-to-Order and Configure-to-Order with final customizations based on region or install application

  • Large form factor builds with large complex system assemblies and testing capabilities

  • Extensive Supply Chain Capabilities to accelerate time to market

  • Fully integrated unattended payment solutions

Embedded Payments

On-the-Go Retail Technology, Connected Products and Payments

Imagine turnkey embedded payments that are reusable and PCI pre-certified with an EMV core component. Our unique component-based approach to embedded payments means:

  • Seamless and robust integration into an OEM device or equipment

  • Addresses the growing requirement for interoperable contactless transactions support

  • Removes the burden of PCI/EMV certifications

Connected Home Products

On-the-Go Retail Technology, Connected Products and Payments

Improving the fast-pased consumer's experience with auto-replenishment that transforms the user experience and builds loyalty with retailers and brands.

  • Home Replenishment Systems

  • Smart Home Inventory Management

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