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Powering Frictionless Checkout with Contactless Payments, Self Service and Store Management Solutions

Powering a New Way to Pay

Customer queues are yesterday’s news as check-out becomes increasingly FRICTIONLESS. From smart carts to tech-enabled cashiers, there’s a whole new way to how we PAY.

Jabil advanced technology solutions transforms the checkout process, from point-of-sale systems (including platforms, payment terminals, peripherals, and cash registers) to self-service checkout and mPOS options.

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Self-Service Checkout

Self Service Checkout, Point-of-Sale, and Payment Solutions

Jabil builds and ramps volume manufacturing for the world’s leading automation and self-service kiosk brands. 

  • CTO/BTO integration capabilities near US and European markets
  • Large form factor mechanicals and Logistics as a Service

  • Design and development partner for next-generation self-checkouts and kiosks

  • Supply chain management expertise and services with lowest landed cost analysis and our intelligent/digital proprietary platform

Point-of-Sale Systems

Self Service Checkout, Point-of-Sale, and Payment Solutions

Complete, custom and integrated point-of-sale solutions that fit your customer's needs and stay ahead of the POS evolution.

  • Agile, modern, and flexible retail POS systems delivering exceptional in-store experiences

  • Complete system including register, scanner and printer with strong capabilities in decorative plastics

  • Android or Microsoft point of sale systems design

  • Multi-geo solutions to support customer end markets, configure to order (CTO)

Payment and Terminals

Self Service Checkout, Point-of-Sale, and Payment Solutions

Innovative smart terminals, payment services and mobile solutions for in-store, online and mobile commerce.

  • Traditional credit/debit cards and closed-loop payment networks

  • Contactless/NFC technologies; e-wallets and QR code payments

  • Agile product development and fully custom design and branding

  • Compliance with PCI, EMV and local standards

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