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Master Speed and Cost in the Digital Age

Thu Jul 27 00:00:00 EDT 2017

The process of introducing a new product to the market can run anywhere from three to five years – sometimes even longer! In the race to win over consumers before your competition can get to them, that timeline is too long.

So, the pressure is on.

With product life cycles getting shorter, time-to-market is becoming an increasingly important success metric for brands. This pressure to ideate, design and deliver at the speed of digital is raising new risk and cost concerns.

In the video below, we examine some of the biggest questions facing product brands today:

  1. How can we move from design to manufacturing quicker?
  2. How can we manufacture products faster and more efficiently?
  3. How can we improve guesswork in product development?

Watch the video below for the answers and get insight into new technologies and methodologies that are starting to level the playing field.