Revolutionizing Reality with AR/VR Manufacturing

World-Class Optical Design for Virtual & Augmented Reality Glasses

Trust Jabil’s experts and beat the competition

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the technologies of choice for massively growing communications and metaverse markets. An unexpected challenge to this growth is the expertise and infrastructure required for quality AR/VR manufacturing and product design suitable for mass production.

World-class optical design for AR/VR devices requires a combination of advanced optical principles, state-of-the-art materials, sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and thorough testing and validation. The optical design must accurately transmit digital images to the user and provide a wide field of view, high resolution, low latency, and minimal distortion. It must also be integrated seamlessly with the device's system.

Delivering a superb VR experience is not an easy

Compared to its competitors, Jabil Optics is accustomed to the flexibility needed when working with agile start-ups and new technology. Although Jabil is large, we work in small, focused teams so we can tailor the development process to fit our customers’ needs.

Jabil helps you to realize the most innovative glasses by providing an end-to-end solution in an efficient, cost-effective manner. For one of the first commercially available head-mounted displays (HMDs), Jabil realized the product design and successfully transferred it into mass production. With Jabil’s ten years of AR/VR experience in design through production, you can rely on our expertise:

  • Proven optical design for all types of AR/VR lens architectures
  • Design, simulation, and measurement capabilities along with experience to optimize and minimize polarization effects
  • Calibrated wide-angle lens test cameras
  • Project management excellence to deliver complete product solutions
  • Global supply chain and long-standing supplier relationships streamline attaining the best components at the lowest prices.
  • One-stop systematic solutions with vertical integration capabilities:
    • Total R&D solutions including Optical Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering and more

Our Optical Design Expertise

Based on ten years’ experience in designing AR & VR glasses, we bring real-world experience and hands-on skills to the following capabilities:

  • Ray and field tracing concepts including Polarization, Coherence/Interference, Energy Consideration
  • Design and analysis of surface and volume gratings as well as meta structures by rigorous simulation methods
  • Tolerancing capabilities for lightguide imperfections and diffractive/refractive structures
  • Evaluation of photometric detector measures (illuminance, luminous intensity, luminance)
  • Systematic layout design in k-domain conceptional thinking
  • Specification of layout design constraints according to system parameters
  • Required field of view (FOV)
  • Size of the eyebox
  • Required mode density in eyebox
  • Conclusion of lightguide parameters from design constraints
  • Thickness of the lightguide
  • Optical materials
  • Coupling and exit pupil expander (EPE) strategy
  • Replication of the FOV modes in the eyebox to ensure imaging for flexible eye position
  • Uniformity optimization of the irradiance/illuminance per pupil position and area in the eyebox per FOV mode
  • Uniformity optimization of the radiance/luminance per pupil position and area in the eyebox
  • Design and analysis of diffractive and refractive structures of the lightguide to achieve design goals