Design. Develop. Deploy.

Design To Production With A Single Point Of Accountability

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Jabil Optics works with companies from idea through to design, development, manufacturing and deployment. We are your complete optical solutions partner.

Our approach means we are visible, accessible and accountable to you and your product needs. Trust in our people, processes and equipment to give you faster time to market, increased yield and maximum precision. 

Project management doesn’t need to be complicated. With one point of contact and supply chain visibility, you always know how your project is progressing. 

A proven step-by-step management and leadership process means that everyone succeeds:

  1. Project kick-off. We assign the project manager and design team, establish the contact interfaces and define roles and responsibilities
  2. Concept. Research design ideas and solutions, sketching, whiteboarding, proof-of-concept, UX review and analysis.
  3. Design implementation. Designers, engineers and quality assurance collaborate on design and tooling.
  4. Design verification and process set-up. Design is complete, prototypes are built and with your approval the Jabil Optics team moves forward with the final development phases including design verification.
  5. Ramp support. Final testing and approvals, sample builds are completed.
  6. Mass production. Your custom optical solution is ready for manufacture and high-volume production.

We design custom camera modules and projection systems. Jabil Optics technologies are used in a range of applications including AR & VR, LiDAR, 3D sensors, advanced camera systems, and customized optical systems.

Our optical design team skills include:

  • Advanced Optical Design
  • Opto-Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Engineering for Hardware
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Test
  • Design for Excellence

At the core of everything we do is our commitment to innovation and designing optical solutions that are future-ready.

An agile and collaborative development process allows us to speed time from design through to development. This approach to project management allows us to prevent handoff delays and time spent on-boarding development experts.

Process development and validation through to assembly of new parts is seamless with our expertise in:

  • Advanced Optical Assembly Processes
  • Optimal Material and Component Selection
  • Equipment Guidance and Selection
  • New Product Introduction

The Jabil Optics Center of Excellence in Jena, Germany is committed to keeping innovation front-and-center. Rely on the team’s proven expertise in miniaturized optical engines and specialized camera systems.

Our goal is to rapidly respond to your challenges and needs. Driven by a Lean Six Sigma team-oriented approach we capitalize on the best in tools, processes and people to meet your product goals.

The Jabil Optics deployment process is built around our core competencies in:

  • Production of Optical Lens Assemblies and Sub-assemblies
  • New Product Introduction
  • High-Volume Production
  • Final Assembly
  • Test
  • Pack-Out

Our culture of continuous improvement means that we are highly motivated and committed to delivering a solution that goes above the standard.

Jabil Optics Capabilities, Expertise and Experience

Advanced optical design and engineering services, process development, supply chain management and precision manufacturing does not happen by chance. 

Trust in our extensive depth of capabilities, expertise and experience based on our long Carl Zeiss history:


Optical, mechanical and electronics design

Design verification in our on-site verification lab

Process development and validation to assemble designed parts

Precision assembly and alignment process development

Lean Six Sigma manufacturing of designed and developed solutions

Optics testing for manufacturing of designed and developed solutions

Advanced optical and assembly NPI team

Centralized customer communication to coordinate and manage programs from concept to production

Proprietary supply chain processes, tools and analytics

Expertise and Experience

Complex and in-depth knowledge of optical systems and technologies, based on our long Carl Zeiss history

Extremely small form factor for integration into mobile devices

High-volume automated assembly lines for miniaturized and optical components

Active and precision alignment equipment manufacturing with our Jabil Optics Kasalis team

Systems, procedures and black box areas to guarantee your IP is never compromised

Jabil Optics design, development and deployment simplifies complexity to give you innovative optical solutions. We are Optics at its best.

Jabil’s Optics expertise is located throughout the world.

Jabil Optics operates in four of Jabil's 100+ facilities worldwide.