Advanced Process Development

Giving You Superior Optical Products

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We are Jabil Optics

Jabil Optics specializes in the design, manufacture and production of advanced optical solutions and products. 

Backed by our in-depth knowledge of optical systems and technologies, we give our customers the best in advanced manufacturing processes. 

Throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, we put your needs and demands front-and-center. We use a range of advanced process development and manufacturing strategies including:

  • Custom test development
  • Active alignment
  • Chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, chip-on-stiffener, FlipChip
  • Wire bonding & ACF bonding
  • Custom algorithms for projection beam and image analysis
  • Adhesive technologies

Jabil Optics engineers are integrated into the Jabil ecosystem giving them direct access to superior people, processes and machines. We are your trusted partner taking you from innovative design all that way through to precision mass production.

Rely on our optical engineers and designers for expertise in: 

  • Advanced process solutions
  • Optimal material and component selection
  • Customized adhesive solutions
  • Equipment guidance and selection

Custom Test Development

World class optical design only happens with proven testing and analysis. Our team takes pride in delivering optical products and solutions that work over and over again. 

Product quality is our focus, and this means every design and product undergoes a rigorous custom testing and quality control process. From prototype through to final production, we use application- and customer-specific solutions to give you superior optical products.

  • Strong physics, optics and engineering backgrounds
  • Design-in support during all phases of the product lifecycle
  • Design for Testability (DfT)
  • Test planning
  • Requirements management
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Design for Testability (DfT)
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

Active Alignment

The Jabil Optics Kasalis team is widely recognized for its commitment to the growth and use of active alignment technologies. 

In 2015, Jabil acquired Kasalis, a global supplier of advanced manufacturing systems for the active alignment, assembly and test of compact optoelectronic devices. This has strengthened our mission of giving you the best in performance, quality and cost. 

The focus of the Jabil Kasalis team in Burlington, MA is on using innovative technologies and processes to bring new cutting-edge technologies to market with speed and confidence. 

Our expertise in active alignment guarantees you cost effective active alignment for optical modules in up to six degrees of freedom. 

Customizable Pixid Systems

To obtain the highest optical performance, our Pixid systems position lenses in six axes within a 3D space to achieve optimal alignment relative to the image sensor. 

This use of active alignment technology means that your optical modules have the most uniform clarity available within the market of extremely compact cameras and projectors. 

Our range of customizable Pixid systems are used to actively align and assemble the smallest and most precise cameras in the world. For the Jabil Kasalis team, the assembly of high precision camera and projector modules is both a science and an art.

To achieve the best of both worlds, we marry sophisticated algorithms with innovative approaches to design and function, giving you optical products that stand out and get noticed.

Technologies and Processes

  • Adaptive Intelligence™
  • Adhesive Dispense
  • UV Curve
  • Advanced Testing
  • Dynamic Shrinkage Adjustment
  • Advanced Quality Control
  • Customization
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Specialized Algorithms

Chip-On-Board, Chip-On-Flex, Chip-On-Stiffener, FlipChip

Trust in the Jabil Optics team to give you the best in advanced optical manufacturing and design approaches. Customers come to us for our proven track-record in optical products and solutions that are ultra-compact and extremely accurate. Rely on our use innovative approaches such as bare die to produce cost-effective optical solutions that satisfy your customers.

  • Materials and design review (DFx)
  • PCB/Substrate design
  • Tooling and fixture designs
  • Material sourcing and characterization (epoxy, test dice, other test vehicles)
  • Process characterization and trials
    • Parameter optimization
    • Position placement measurements
    • Die shear strength measurements
    • Loop height measurements
    • X-ray inspections, micro-sections
    • Temperature storage tests
    • Thermal cycling tests
  • Regular technical discussions, updates and reports
  • Process documentation (WI, VA, PFMEA)
  • High accuracy multi-chip die bonder
  • Dispensing robots
  • Vast pool of lab equipment
  • Clean room (ISO class 7)

Wire Bonding

The Jabil Optics advanced process development team has extensive experience in using both wire bonding and ACF bonding. This means you get optical components that can be trusted to deliver superior image quality at all times.

  • Tooling and fixture designs
  • Process characterization and trials
    • Parameter optimization
    • Position placement measurements
    • Wire bond shear and wire pull strength measurements
    • Loop height measurements
    • X-ray inspections, micro-sections
    • Temperature storage tests
    • Thermal cycling tests
  • Regular technical discussions, updates and reports
  • Process documentation (WI, VA, PFMEA)
  • High speed wire bonding with high accuracy
  • Vast pool of lab equipment
  • Clean room (ISO class 7)

Custom Algorithms for Projection Beam and Image Analysis

Our software team develops custom advanced algorithms specific to your product requirements and applications. These custom algorithms analyze the active alignment process, ensuring a highly precise and specific outcome.

In guaranteeing our extreme level of quality, every single algorithm is created specifically for each customer. This allows us to optimize alignment speed and accuracy while prioritizing product parameter and requirements.

Adhesive Technologies

Getting the best in optoelectronic performance requires attention-to-detail throughout every step of product creation and design. Trust in our advanced expertise in material science, technology and innovation to give you superior performance.

  • Consultation on new applications
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Adhesive selection and testing
  • Adhesive tailoring/optimization
  • Bonding process definition
  • Troubleshooting bonding issues
  • Failure analysis
  • General material analysis
  • Recommend dispense or cure equipment
  • Developing, deploying, and launching new
  • Adhesive bonding processes
  • On-site support for new product introduction
  • Drafting supplier or process specifications
  • Participate in FMEA/Control Plan definition
  • Reliability testing
  • Mechanical and fixture design
  • Material Failure Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Identification of Inorganic Surface Elements
  • Bulk Material Compositional Analysis
  • Heat and UV Cure Schedule Optimization
  • Identification of Viscosity Inconsistencies
  • Dispense Equipment & Processes
  • Precision Dispensing
  • Thermal Management
  • Temperature/Humidity Performance

The Jabil Optics advantage is your advantage. With Jabil Optics you get the best in active alignment, assembly and test of optical devices and solutions. 

Jabil’s Optics expertise is located throughout the world.

Jabil Optics operates in four of Jabil's 100+ facilities worldwide.