Respect. Recognize. Reward.

Every Employee Makes a Difference

Jabil's Respect. Recognize. Reward. program recognizes employees who have embraced our cultural values of Integrity, Ingenuity and Inspiration through action.

Launched in 2010, this program highlights the importance of a respectful working environment, acknowledges employees’ superior performance and their commitment to helping others. Each quarter, Jabil’s CEO Mark Mondello acknowledges more than 250 employees, representing all locations, departments and levels, and thanks them for their passion, creativity, innovation and hard work.

Below is a snapshot of recently recognized employees who have contributed to the success of the company. 

Recognized Employees


  • Amran Yaacob Penang Amran Yaacob Penang
  • Bauly Wang Huangpu Bauly Wang Huangpu
  • Chong Wang Suzhou Chong Wang Suzhou
  • Dalong Bai Huangpu Dalong Bai Huangpu
  • Dannie Wu Huangpu Dannie Wu Huangpu
  • David Chen Huangpu David Chen Huangpu
  • Gary Gao Chengdu Gary Gao Chengdu
  • Henry Chen Huangpu Henry Chen Huangpu
  • Jianjun Huang Huangpu Jianjun Huang Huangpu
  • Jorge Medina Clinton Jorge Medina Clinton
  • Jorge Melendez Chihuahua Jorge Melendez Chihuahua
  • Juan Luna Chihuahua Juan Luna Chihuahua
  • Kitty Zhang Huangpu Kitty Zhang Huangpu
  • Legend Mo Shenzhen Legend Mo Shenzhen
  • Linglin Pan Huangpu Linglin Pan Huangpu
  • Liulei Zhou Wuxi Liulei Zhou Wuxi
  • Luis Nava San Diego Luis Nava San Diego
  • Maggie Zheng Huangpu Maggie Zheng Huangpu
  • Migi Yuan Huangpu Migi Yuan Huangpu
  • Minghui Liao Huangpu Minghui Liao Huangpu
  • Mo Zhang Huangpu Mo Zhang Huangpu
  • Nguyen Hong Nguyen Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Hong Nguyen Ho Chi Minh City
  • Olive Flores Huangpu Olive Flores Huangpu
  • Qiwen Tong Wuxi Qiwen Tong Wuxi
  • Tania Gamboa Chihuahua Tania Gamboa Chihuahua
  • Tien Yin Shum Penang Tien Yin Shum Penang
  • Xue Zhang Huangpu Xue Zhang Huangpu
  • YY Xu Huangpu YY Xu Huangpu
  • Yonghu Huang Huangpu Yonghu Huang Huangpu
  • Yoon Mei See Penang Yoon Mei See Penang
  • Youwei Hoy Penang Youwei Hoy Penang
  • Zengyang Lu Wuxi Zengyang Lu Wuxi
  • Zhao Guangya Shenzhen Zhao Guangya Shenzhen
  • Zhengwei Han Suzhou Zhengwei Han Suzhou