Unparalleled Mechatronic Solutions and Efficient, Heavy-Fuel Engines

Jabil leverages multiple communications, motion control, optics, and sensor technologies to offer unparalleled mechatronic solutions for robotic and drone applications. In addition, Jabil’s durable, lightweight, heavy-fuel engines significantly increase drone mission endurance while substantially lowering operational costs.

Robotics has already transformed manufacturing, enabling huge leaps in productivity with improved vision systems, greater mobility, and flexible assembly options. Automated Jabil factories are increasingly networked and reconfigurable down to the smallest valve or switch. And, they are safe, with humans working side-by- side with machines that can immediately sense an accidental presence and stop movement instantly.

Drone applications combine Jabil robotic mechatronics with heavy-fuel engines to enable smart, workhorse functionality with unprecedented reach. A delivery drone can not only travel long distances economically, but once at a location it can sense and respond intelligently — for example, not landing when motion patterns indicate children or animals.

Jabil’s Robotics expertise is located throughout the world.