Renewable Energy

Maximize your clean energy investments

Jabil’s renewable energy teams are ready to help you design and build equipment and technology solutions for the generation, transmission, and distribution of renewable energy,  smart grid support, and EV charging. The integration of renewable energy sources into the grid requires smart grid technologies to balance the supply and demand of electricity, manage the variability and intermittency of renewables, and optimize grid performance. Jabil helps you make the most of your investment with proven processes and production used to produce advanced solutions renewable energy management at the pace and performance you require.


Jabil can help you make the most of your investment with advanced services for designing, manufacturing, and distributing solar inverters and balance-of-solution (BoS) components. Serving geographies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Jabil partners with solar-energy companies to meet demands for high quality, speed to market, and cost efficiency. Working with leading renewable energy brands, Jabil builds solar invertors, power storage, and grid integration solutions that help ensure the success of this sustainable energy source.



Jabil brings your team decades of experience manufacturing high-level assembly components for wind turbines, including pitch control systems, converters, nacelle control systems, and PCBAs. Jabil-manufactured components have been used in several generations of wind turbines, adding up to an installed capacity of more than 30,000 MW wind turbines in use today. From collaborative design and fabrication through testing and an optimized supply chain, we ensure your options to build in the right location at the right cost

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Energy Storage Systems

Jabil offers unique experience and proven processes to help you engineer, build, and ramp highly innovative, complex energy storage systems (ESS). Renewable energy and rising electricity demand are driving the need for power balancing, improved grid infrastructure, distributed energy resources, security, and resilience. With our modular approach to hardware design and manufacturing, combined with our global manufacturing reach, we provide high-quality, cost-effective energy storage solutions that can accelerate your growth and contribute to a more sustainable future

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EV Chargers

Jabil has over a decade of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing power electronics including inverters and mechanicals critical to EV charger design and manufacturing. With a global manufacturing footprint serving geographies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Jabil partners can benefit from localization options. Jabil operates MID and Eichrecht certified facilities offering value-added engineering and comprehensive testing methodologies. Benefit from our experience, expertise, and resources to develop and differentiate your innovative, high-quality EV charging solutions for this fast-paced market.

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