Jabil Energy Storage

Jabil Energy Storage

The global energy storage market is accelerating at a CAGR of 17 percent and is forecasted to be a $20 billion market by 2023. This growth is being driven by an increased demand for peak power, existing grid infrastructure, distributed energy resources, security and resilience, and Lithium-ion for electric vehicles.

A Proactive Solutions Partner

Jabil engineers, builds and ramps some of the most innovative and complex Energy Storage System (ESS) products in the world. ESS solution providers benefit from Jabil’s unique combination of high-level assembly (HLA), power engineering and global manufacturing capabilities. As a proactive solution partner, Jabil provides residential, commercial and industrial ESS solution providers the design and manufacturing expertise to accelerate growth globally. Jabil’s market specific experience and expertise include:

  • Large scale electrical and electro-mechanical products
  • Dedicated supply chain teams in all key sector commodities
  • Professional mechanical engineers and certified electrical engineers (up to 1000v)
  • Early customer engagement through manufacturing deployment

From concept to prototype, Jabil’s design teams specialize in collaborative design, development and value engineering within all ESS power ranges. Power engineering competences in design and manufacturing include:

  • Hardware design and manufacturing
  • Re-design for UL certifications
  • Valued engineering (VAVE) and manufacturing

With operations in over 100 sites in 26 countries, and manufacturing and supply chain experience in key geographies that include Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Italy Mexico, Vietnam and the United States, Jabil is uniquely positioned to help our customers succeed in the ESS market. ESS solution providers benefits include:

  • Access to cost-effective HLA and power engineering solutions
  • Improved cost and flexibility in the supply chain
  • Improved ROIC
  • Acceleration of global revenue opportunities
  • Faster time-to-market in key geographies
  • Scale quickly and efficiently
  • Reduced supply chain complexity
  • Improved cash flow for core investments
  • Focus on core competencies (R&D, Marketing)

From design and fabrication through testing and an intelligent, digital supply-chain that ensures you build in the right location at the right cost, Jabil delivers technological and innovative solutions for the ESS market – building a sustainable tomorrow, today.


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