Energy Infrastructure

Balancing energy and technology to power the future

The IEA predicts that global electricity demands may reach 46k TWh in the next twenty years, for perspective, we used just 4k TWh in 2023. Many companies are developing products to help generate, store, and distribute electricity to answer—and make the most of—growing demand. Jabil can offer several advantages based on our size, scale, and experience. We maximize efficiency through design, supply chain, and manufacturing processes, while advancing sustainability in production and end-of-life considerations. Jabil collaborates with data centers, utilities, and smart grid companies to design, prototype, manufacture, and scale infrastructure solutions. To reach your product goals and market objectives, Jabil will work with you to maximize the latest technologies and processes for design and production, supply chain and procurement optimization, and test and integration services. We’re here to accelerate your journey to meet growing demands for a smarter, more connected, and energy efficient future.


Data Center Power & Cooling

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are driving demand for servers and computing power. As you fight to gain market share in this growing sector, Jabil will support your goals with decades of experience serving this sector. Some of the world’s largest OEMs rely on Jabil for Design-to-Dust™ services including innovative power and cooling solutions. Jabil builds enterprise computing and storage products ranging from entry-level servers to clustered storage systems. Nearly 80 percent of the products are built through sub-assembly, with Jabil supporting over six million platforms of orderable configurations. We also offer off-the-shelf servers that feature an innovative air-cooling solution that offers lower upfront costs and ease of deployment over liquid cooling options. Rely on Jabil to incorporate innovative technologies into your server solutions to navigate the increasing requirements around power and cooling.

Utility Meters

With over twenty years in the market and more than 150 million Jabil-manufactured smart and gas meters operating in the world today, we deliver innovative solutions to leading smart grid and meter companies. You can be confident with our proven processes and production — in fact, a full 50% of meters in use around the world contain Jabil-manufactured electronics. We support your goals with the design and manufacture of the entire smart meter ecosystem, a streamlined  approach that reduces the risk of interoperability issues. Jabil’s customer-centric teams support your goals with hardware, firmware, and mechanical design in addition to prototyping, testing, validation, and verification for meters and smart grid devices. Our global supply chain experts help optimize your BOM, assess component risk, and forecast logistics scenarios. Work with Jabil to benefit from our experience, speed, and agility in this growing specialized market.

Industrial Automation & Grid Management

Jabil supports both discreet and process automation enabling technology to leading OEMs in the industrial automation and grid management markets. We offer deep experience in switches, controls, remote I/O, sensors, actuation, and human machine interface (HMI) technology. The breadth of this experience helps you increase productivity and reduce cost. Our vast global supply chain network also delivers options for lower material costs, localization, and logistics advantages. Take advantage of our value-add engineering services — from ideation and product development to testing and production, with active collaboration with companies from startups to industry conglomerates. Jabil’s size and capabilities also allow for dedicated manufacturing sites for large-form assembly for products over 5 tons. With expert engineers operating advanced, automated manufacturing processes, you’ll benefit from our specialized skills and resources to help you capitalize on the demand for industrial storage, distribution, and management of energy. Our extensive engineering and production capabilities such as high-energy product testing with dedicated power lines help to make your product as effective, innovative, and reliable as possible.

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