EV Chargers

AC and DC Chargers

The growing popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is rapidly pushing the demand for EV chargers. Some of the key drivers include more sustainable transportation options, declining costs of EVs, and the increasing range of models available in the market. Government incentives in many countries is further accelerating this growth. Both AC and DC chargers play an important role in the growth of the EV market. According to Allied Market research the EV charging infrastructure market is expected to reach $33.8 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 21.8% from 2020 to 2027. The AC charger will reach $4.2 billion by 2027 while the DC charger will reach $6.1 billion by 2027.

A Proactive Solutions Partner

Jabil has over a decade of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing power electronics including inverters and mechanicals that are critical to the EV charger design and manufacturing. With a global manufacturing footprint serving geographies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Jabil partners can benefit from localization options. Our value manufacturing and supply chain value propositions include:

  • Production of EV chargers and high-power electronics (few KW to several MW)
  • Dedicated Workcell model allowing faster reaction time, autonomy and ownership
  • Intelligent digital supply chain solutions, leveraging more than 50 years of supply chain expertise
  • Ability to leverage enterprise-wide tools and systems
  • Robust NPI process and customer launch tools to achieve faster time to market
  • World-class quality organization driven by principles of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Excellent track record of meeting or exceeding KPIs for our customers
  • Assisting with make buy analysis
  • Environmental compliance services such as REACH and ROHS
  • IPC Class 2 boards experience
  • Special end of line test protocols such as Burn in and environmental
  • MID and Eichrecht certified facilities

Our technical expertise, and design and VAVE differentiation include:

  • Dedicated power electronics Lab that provides design related services for EV chargers
  • Early-stage innovation support through RISE (Rapid Ideation and Solution Engagement)
  • Customer training on Jabil design playbook and prototyping
  • Strategic investments developing proof of concept / next-generation technologies
  • Supply chain and engineering strong ties to mitigate component availability
  • Effective leveraging our Value-Add / Value Engineering (VAVE) services for risk analysis
  • Proximity and regional presence for design and manufacturing support
  • Key cost drivers for localization and vertical integration of power electronics
  • Leverage Jabil's strong EMI, cooling, and display expertise.
  • Support total ecosystem offering including renewables and storage

Our testing expertise include:

  • Automation and test plan from scratch (20-30% test cycle time reduction)
  • Customizable dedicated automation levels
  • One-stop solution from testing strategy to testers development
  • Complete flexibility (make or transfer the testers)
  • Shortest LTs from 4 to 12 weeks (complex testers)
  • Streamlined process and methodologies for faster production transfer
  • Unique test procedures for high reliability and higher quality product
  • Green initiatives for savings and reducing carbon footprint

Jabil’s best-in-class, end-to-end services accelerates time to market and ensures market leadership for our customers. Overall, Jabil experience, expertise, and resources in the EV charging field makes us a valuable partner for companies looking to bring innovative and high-quality EV charging solutions to this fast-paced market.