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Matching Capabilities to Trending Market Requirements

Since 1965, Jabil has consistently looked over the horizon to maintain its competitive edge. Anticipating market trends, staying on top of the latest technologies, and consistently innovating new ways to advance design and production processes has vaulted Jabil to become one of the world’s leading manufacturing service providers.

Jabil’s featured solutions are capabilities that every company should understand and consider implementing. A company may have brilliant designers coming up with breakthrough products — but unless they know how to get to market faster than the hungry competition, they’re lost. Accelerated innovation expertise is how Jabil can help bring products to market at unprecedented speeds with the lowest possible costs.

A company’s manufacturing footprint may be optimized — for the moment — with a stable labor force, logistics, and material sources. But with erratic climate changes and volatile, fast-shifting politics, are they ready with the manufacturing agility needed to stay ahead of the unpredictable? Can they move offshore — or back home — to take advantage of new opportunities, or to avoid disruptions?

Supply chains used to be managed with complex spreadsheets, with procurement often based on personal relationships and deals. Today, navigating the digital economy demands big data and analytics — with deals negotiated in data centers rather than on the golf course. Intelligent, digital supply chains are the only way companies can truly gain control.

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