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Consumers will change the way they shop more in the next 10 years than they have over the last four decades – and the world of packaging is being altered forever. Online shopping has created more choices, less brand loyalty and fragmented marketing. Sellers don’t control the buyers journey any more. Buyers are calling the shots.

That means brands and retailers risk losing consumers’ loyalty and declining revenues if they do not create new packaging that enables personalization, convenience, sustainability and accessibility.

Jabil Packaging Solutions leverages three unique solutions suites to incorporate packaging, electronics and digital capabilities into intelligent ecosystems that connect brands and retailers with evolving consumer needs.

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Our Packaging Solutions Suites

Packaging Manufacturers

Packaging Solutions suite

Manufacturing Rigid
Packaging Solutions

Packaging Manufacturers

Device Solutions Suite

Creating Interactive Device
Packaging Solutions

Packaging Manufacturers

Digital Solutions Suite

Leveraging Data and Insights to 
Create a Better Consumer Experience


Jabil Packaging Solutions Technology Platforms


Ecologic is a hybrid paper packaging technology that leverages a strong fiber outer shell and a very thin inner plastic liner, resulting in containers that are up to 70% less plastic when compared to formats of the same size.

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Connected Packaging

Connected Packaging brings the future into our homes today, allowing consumer packaged goods brands to disrupt the marketplace with game-changing auto-replenishment that transforms the user experience and boosts brand loyalty.

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FusePack is a new hybrid packaging structure that combines the best features of rigid, flexible and fiber packaging. The rigid interior frame defines the shape and provides structural integrity while the in-mold label (IML) or paper panels enclose and protect the product.

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Find out what’s next for sustainable packaging by diving into the results of our 2022 Sustainable Packaging Trends Report! Join sustainability and trend experts Julie Corbett, Jeff Minnette and Alex LeVoci in a 1-hour deep dive to discover CPG goals, challenges to product-level strategies and alternative material preferences. Watch the replay now!

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