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Leveraging the power of digital to transform how we design, make & deliver solutions for our customers.

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Heightened customer expectations, new digital realities, more disruptive competitors and new models and ecosystems are upon us.

To succeed in the digital economy, manufacturers of every size and shape must transform their execution and go-to-market models in order to succeed, investing in advanced digital manufacturing capabilities to ensure long-term market leadership and driving transformative value for their customers.

Jabil leverages the power of digital to transform how we design, make and deliver products and services. For Jabil. For our customers.

A 50-year veteran of manufacturing innovation,

Jabil’s digital story features countless proof points:

The Jabil Digital Enterprise


The IT team that comprises the Jabil Digital Enterprise knows better than most that technical disruption is fundamentally changing the way people work and interact - and continual re-invention and agility are required for companies that want to thrive in the digital economy. Jabil IT provides the backbone that enables Jabil to leverage the power of digital to help customers exploit technology and capabilities in ways they never thought possible.

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Radius Innovation and Development


Radius Innovation & Development, our product strategy and innovation consultancy, works closely with customers to bring initial product ideas to life. Using the latest AR/VR technologies, teams of brand and product strategists, human factors specialists and product designers collaborate to perfect products in the virtual world before bringing them into real-world manufacturing environments. The result? Big gains in operational efficiencies, reduced risk, lowered cost and faster time to market.

Additive Manufacturing 


Through Additive Manufacturing, Jabil is changing the way things are made. The Jabil Additive Manufacturing Network empowers our distributed manufacturing vision by moving our customers’ manufacturing workloads into the most ideal geographic regions with speed and agility.  Production parts, built through localized production, consolidated supply chains, reduced costs and faster time-to-market are creating powerful new realities for customers in markets from footwear and industrial machines to healthcare, transportation, and aerospace.

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Supply Chain


Jabil’s Supply Chain was among the first digital focus areas for Jabil. We realized early on that orchestrating the movement of nearly one million parts over a global network of more than 27,000 suppliers sourced from over 30 countries required real-time intelligence, visibility and data analytics. Today, with our award-winning InControl analytics and decision support platform, we help streamline global supply chains – mitigating risk and optimizing decision making - for 350 of the world’s largest customers.

Manufacturing Technology & Innovation


Jabil Manufacturing Technology & Innovation is making major strides in advancing the use of Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to enable new levels of product personalization while slashing the time and cost to bring a product from ideation to full commercialization. Jabil’s overarching Digital Product Lifecycle Management strategy will leverage cutting-edge technology to make our factories smarter and more innovative as we streamline operations from start to finish.

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