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3D Computed Tomography

Diverse CT Scanning Capabilities for Industrial Metrology

3D Computed Tomography

Computed tomography (CT) scanning is the most advanced measurement technology available today, capturing data at an accuracy of 5-7 microns. Able to map a 3D part in an hour, CT scanning is fast becoming a vital tool for industrial metrology. 3DProscan, a Jabil company, provides our customers with diverse CT scanning capabilities for a variety of applications, from conducting first-article inspections to computer-aided design (CAD) drawing product comparison.

With industrial CT scanning of plastics and other low-density materials, manufacturers can literally see inside their products to identify design issues and production discrepancies, ensure lot-to-lot consistency, and derive highly-accurate and detailed measurements of internal components. This fast, non-destructive approach also helps accelerate project completion by reducing the time required to qualify parts for production.

3DProscan Capabilities

FASTscan Part-to-CAD Comparisons

  • Dimensional analyses typically in less than two hours
  • Color-coded geometric comparisons provide data on dimensional stability
  • Customers visualize components for analysis with a complementary viewer

Part-to-Part Comparisons

  • Comparative color-coded map for easy data interpretation
  • Previous scans can be saved and used to build historical data for a comparative analysis
  • Reduced downtime and quick comparisons of different material lots and molding processes

Dimensional Inspection

  • CAD modeling and 2D printing enable programming before receiving a physical part
  • Ability to work in parallel as parts are being made
  • Complete dimensional inspection reports can be compiled in hours instead of days

Complete Assembly Analysis

  • X-ray images enable visualizing beyond the surface of walls and layers
  • Reveals wall thickness, volume, seals, voids, leaks, inclusions, and more through assembly analysis
  • Analyzes virtually without damaging an assembly or changing its natural state