Car Computers & Domain Controllers

Hardware enabling software defined vehicles

This is the era of the software-defined vehicle (SDV) — an evolution in the way vehicles are designed, built, and maintained.

Software is controlling an increasing range of systems across today's vehicles, including advanced driver assistance systems, cloud-based connectivity, and digital cabin experiences. These systems require more data processing than ever before. Which, in turn, requires powerful centralized electronics architecture and hardware such as high-performance car computers and zonal controllers.

Compute & Control Systems

Jabil’s technical and manufacturing expertise is accelerating time-to-market of next-generation car computers and domain control systems that support the software defined vehicles of the future. Our capabilities and solutions include:

  • Automated assembly and advanced manufacturing capabilities for complex electronics.
  • Automated test environment ensuring the highest quality standards and repeatability.
  • Global IATF-certified footprint experienced in manufacturing complex automotive-grade technology at scale.
  • Specialized supply chains localized by region.

Enabling the Software-Defined Road Ahead

At Jabil, we recognize the ever-increasing demands placed on electronics architectures in new generations of vehicles. With more than 55 years’ automotive experience, we are constantly investing to support our customers’ future generations of software defined vehicles. Trust Jabil’s specialized experience and deep expertise to support your highly complex, next generation car computers and domain controllers.


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