Additive Manufacturing for Healthcare

Across the entire range of healthcare stakeholders, from product designers and engineers to the medical specialists working in the field, 3D printing technology has proven itself an extraordinary tool for improving patient outcomes.

The design freedom and flexibility allow for specialized devices and implants, produced specifically for a patient’s anatomy.  The fixture-less design makes it possible to reduce the BOM cost and enable quicker design revisions and reduced time-to-market, providing significant value in today’s globally competitive healthcare industry.  

As nimble, new competitors with expertise in fast-paced consumer markets continue to enter the healthcare industry, lifecycles for healthcare products are quickening and additive manufacturing provides a formidable hedge against these challenges. 

It's the perfect time to seek out partnerships for informed insight on how to fully harness the potential of additive manufacturing as a dynamic catalyst in product design and production. Reductions in inventory costs, transportation, simpler supply chains and sustainability are an additional bonus to the growing list of additive manufacturing's benefits

Healthcare products can now be produced just-in-time, at point of need, with no loss in quality or reliability. 3D printing medical devices is now possible. 

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