Additive Manufacturing for Healthcare

Additive manufacturing is reinventing the design, manufacturing, production, and delivery of diagnostic equipment. Medical equipment manufacturers are able to meet the demands of healthcare professionals head-on with diagnostic equipment that has an improved form factor, is lighter and more moveable, and is easier to use.

Advancement in the medical industry depends on making it easier for researchers, healthcare professionals, and companies to do their work. This is why it’s so important that diagnostic equipment manufacturers take advantage of 3D printing to speed prototyping and testing of materials and design. This gives companies the opportunity to quicken the time-to-market of new product innovations and to respond to customer upgrade requests.

Additive manufacturing makes it possible for manufacturers to use distributed networks to improve the cost-effective manufacture of low-volume high-value diagnostic equipment. In addition, the design freedoms and flexibility inherent with fixtureless design makes it possible to reduce the BOM costs for medical diagnostic machines.

It’s important not to overlook the benefits to customer satisfaction and brand commitment that come with improved design, reduced costs, and easier-to-use diagnostic equipment. We’re excited about how the benefits that come with additive innovation can shape diagnostic equipment design, manufacture, delivery, and support. 

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