Material Science in Packaging

Essential material expertise enables product success

Our engineers have a great depth of material science knowledge. But it’s the experience that enables us to know how to apply that knowledge that really matters. Understanding product functionality, part weight, performance and cost all impact the selection of the right material. That can be the difference between product success and failure. Our material science expertise is always expanding, ensuring that your product from beginning to end is high quality, performs exceptionally, and is better for the environment.

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Additives / Coatings

As a flexible, high-velocity partner that meets specialized materials requirements, we help customers improve how they design, make and deliver products. We fill the gap in the additive manufactured materials market through the development of custom additive materials with unique properties. Highly experienced additive manufacturing engineers, chemists, materials scientist and production experts leverage Jabil’s innovations in materials sciences to oversee each step of the breaker-to-box process of customizing powders and filaments. From ideation to industrialization, we enable design freedom, accelerated time-to-market and ensure compliance to industry certifications.


Analytical Testing

Our Materials Innovation Center in Chaska, Minnesota delivers encompassing polymer formulations, compound development and ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification. These materials have unique properties to meet the specialized needs of customers, from flame retardant to lubricated and UV stable, expanding both the applications and offerings currently available for use in additive  manufacturing. With a fully equipped analytical lab, Jabil delivers best-in-class materials with the right chemical makeup and characteristics to ensure compliance to industry certifications.



Our Materials Innovation Center in Chaska, Minnesota also offers polymer formulations start-to-finish under one roof. Here, Jabil prioritizes creating materials that yield the most desirable effects when used – we ensure that your product will work as expected for both you and the consumer. With SME formulators and expertise in flame, food-contact, healthcare, and electrical, Jabil creates a variety of top-performing materials just right for your needs. With our formulation experts, your packaging will always be high quality accompanied by high performance.



Our experts in barrier packaging ensure that your product stays safe, clean, and dry while packaged. With a team of material scientists, we work to find the right combination of coatings and layers to ensure that your product performs as expected and stays protected for as long as possible. Whether this means oxygen barrier, eco-friendly, e-commerce ready, or water protection, Jabil’s packaging is engineered to protect your product against all odds.


Hybrid Packaging

At the forefront of packaging innovation is the hybrid package – the sustainable combination of different materials that yields a high performing eco-friendly package. However, with this innovation, comes an immense effort to identify the right materials and combinations. At Jabil, we have developed not one, but two hybrid packages – creating options for our customers with sustainability in mind. We continue to engineer new materials and combinations to develop more hybrid packages perfect for the sustainable customer of the future.


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