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Connected Packaging Overview

Consumer Packaged Goods at a Cross- Roads

It’s getting more and more difficult for CPG brands to reach new customers and hold on to valued ones. The marketplace is in constant flux. Ecommerce is soaring, and smaller brands are becoming fierce competitors almost overnight. How can brands differentiate in this type of environment? Will the old tactics work or is it time for something new?


The Solution: Connected Packaging

Connected Packaging brings the future into our homes today, allowing consumer packaged goods brands to disrupt the marketplace with game-changing auto-replenishment that transforms the user experience and boosts brand loyalty.

How it Works

  1. Point of use data indicates when product level is running low within the connected device
  2. Jabil’s Connected Packaging IOT platform sends a new order request to the retailer / ecommerce platform
  3. The Retailer / ecommerce platform fulfills the order and prepares the shipment for delivery
  4. The refill package is delivered to the end-consumer right before they run out of product
  5. The consumer inserts the new consumable package into the connected device

The Three Building Blocks of Connected Packaging

Jabil’s connected packaging solution combines three key elements: a durable connected device, the matching consumable package, and Jabil’s white label Companion App. These forces work together to sense when a product is running low, and automatically reorder – just in time, every time.


A lightweight refill container that is delivered to the end-consumer when an auto-replenishment order is triggered.


A durable device that uses sensors to precisely measure the amount of remaining product and communicates directly with the IOT platform.


An intuitive app where consumers can set-up and manage auto-replenishment across devices.
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See How You Can Transform the User Experience Today

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Get Started Today With Jabil’s Connected Packaging Services

Connected packaging represents a generational opportunity for CPG brands but getting started can be challenging. Jabil’s portfolio of Connected Packaging services leverage deep domain expertise and established NPI best practices to accelerate this transition. This essential journey can start today with Jabil Packaging Solutions.


Transform Your Brand with Connected Packaging

Packaging Highlights

Solutions for Packaging Transformation

Device & Consumable Systems
The next wave of differentiation will come from durable delivery systems with convenient and sustainable refill consumables

Sustainable Packaging
The right packaging for your products, your brand and your planet

Watch the On Demand Webinar: Connected Packaging 101

Join Jabil Packaging Solutions for an informative discussion on the power of Connected Packaging. During this 1-hour webinar, our Connected Packaging experts Amanda Williams and Jide Sofowora cover a range of topics from rising consumer adoption trends to the brand benefits of Connected Packaging.