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The only scalable hybrid paper bottle platform that is optimized for successful recyclability

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Ecologic is a hybrid paper packaging technology that leverages a strong fiber outer shell and a very thin inner plastic liner, resulting in containers that are up to 70% less plastic when compared to formats of the same size. The fiber outer shell, made of recycled cardboard and newspaper, provides structural stability and protection of the product inside. The inner liner, made of 80% recycled HDPE, keeps the product sanitary and clean. Together, the two pieces remain 100% recyclable (in their own streams) and help reduce consumer reliance on single-use plastics.

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Eco.Bottles are the perfect packaging option for personal or home care brands with sustainability goals achieve. All Eco.Bottles use up to 60% less plastic than the alternative and remain refillable and 100% recyclable.

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EcoJar Technology

EcoJar technology provides a compelling option for cosmetics, lotion, hair styling and more for brands that are committed to their sustainability goals. Let us know what sizes you would like to see!


Benefits for brands and consumers

Meaningful Sustainability Gains

Ecologic’s hybrid paper bottles are designed with an innovative 2-shell system with interlocking paper tabs (no glue). This drives significant plastic reduction, carbon footprint improvements, and minimizes waste in production.

Traceable Closed Loop Box to Bottle®

Ecologic’s Box to Bottle system offers unmatched visibility and control into product lifecycles. Ecologic works with brands and retailers to capture their own recycled waste then repurposes it into fresh packaging that can be re-used countless times.

Powerful Consumer Experience

Ecologic products retain the structural integrity of traditional packaging formats, even in water contact. The 2-shell hybrid package ensures an intuitive recycling experience while the natural brown fiber shell leverages clean, natural hues that complement any home.

Available and Scalable

Ecologic is the only hybrid paper packaging platform that has already sold millions of units to happy consumers. Far from a concept, Ecologic is built to scale across multiple geographies and is powered by the financial and manufacturing backbone of Jabil.

Getting Started with Ecologic

Stock Containers

Ecologic has a line of stock containers available for purchase. With the 16oz leading the way, we will be launching more eco.bottles® along with alternate shapes in 2022. Inquire now about MOQ and pricing.

Custom Development

Looking for something else? Inquire about custom development to choose your own size, shape, neck size, and more. Connect with our team to develop a custom hybrid paper packaging format that fits your brands’ unique needs.

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Watch Replay: EcoJar Solution Overview Webinar

Ecologic’s groundbreaking hybrid paper bottle technology arrives in jar formats for cosmetics, lotions & creams, hair care products and consumer healthcare. This seamless two-piece design leverages a mechanical connection (no adhesives!) to connect the recycled outer fiber shell and recyclable inner liner. Watch the replay to learn how this lightweight, eco-friendly design leverages post-consumer recycled paper and reduces plastic consumption per unit by as much as 60%.