5G, The Next Big Thing

Helping Our Customers Design, Manufacture, and Test 5G Solutions

5G is a next-generation cellular network and promises to deliver substantially faster and more reliable Internet connectivity. If harnessed to its fullest potential, 5G will feed the accelerated rise of the Internet of Things, enabling a smarter and more connected world. However, it is a very complex technology.

This complexity combined with an immature infrastructure and the existence of other networks and protocols such as 4G LTE-M has resulted in limited 5G adoption. Many customers simply do not have the in-house expertise to utilize 5G to their benefit.

Jabil Is 5G-Ready

The key to making the most of 5G is in being able to quickly deliver high-quality solutions. And this is exactly why Jabil is already working with 5G providers.

We have identified 5G as a strategic priority for any company who wants to be on the leading edge of innovation. Our team is actively designing, manufacturing, and testing both 4G and 5G solutions, ensuring that our customers can save time and get to market first with the most advanced 5G connected solutions.

Jabil’s expertise is founded in the long-term design and manufacturing partnerships we have already established with leading infrastructure providers. Collaboration with Jabil experts makes delivering sophisticated 5G solutions a reality for our customers.

Collaborative Partner For 5G Solutions

Jabil experts have the engineering, technology, and manufacturing experience to guide customers transitioning from 4G to 5G solutions and applications. Jabil’s 5G solution expertise is ready to augment your resources.

  • Infrastructure Design Services End-to-end 5G infrastructure review, analysis, design, testing, and implementation: RF design, value engineering, component design, and full product design.
  • Infrastructure Software Design and Maintenance Expertise in agile software design and delivery (continuous development and test) and in open source, hardware, and software integration.
  • Infrastructure Manufacturing Services Leading manufacturing experience including design and test for 5G radios, antennas, backhaul systems, massive MIMO, and beamforming.
  • Design Expertise Customer-ready with our dedicated 5G engineering design and manufacturing teams, established 5G reference platform, and testing protocols.

Transition From 4G To 5G With Jabil

We expect 4G device types and solutions to migrate to 5G as the infrastructure continues to grow. Jabil is already building and designing 4G devices in the following markets and ready to transition to 5G at the pace of our customers.

Jabil’s 5g expertise is located throughout the world.