Adding Awareness and Interactivity for the IoT

Sensor and wireless connectivity components have become low-cost commodities, thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques and the growing volume of Internet of things (IoT) products. From fitness wristbands and home appliances to industrial MEMS actuators, virtually all devices can now feature some degree of awareness and interactivity.

And when connected to networks or the cloud, these sensors yield real-time, actionable data: a doctor can remotely monitor an exercising patient, traffic lights can re-route congestion, and buildings can efficiently save energy. For strong reasons, connected sensing is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Jabil’s extensive cross-capability experience with sensors, wireless connectivity, precision mechanics, automation, and human machine interfaces makes us an ideal partner for companies stepping up to the IoT. Whether finding a way to build an innovative product, adding features to existing components, or replacing old functionality with smaller, better elements, Jabil can help:

  • Increase product and industrial performance
  • Monetize IoT big data analytics
  • Create energy-efficient solutions
  • Improve security
  • Understand consumer behaviors and open up new markets

Jabil sensors span the spectrum of applications: bio-sensing, fluid/gas, light, proximity, current/power, humidity, position, motion, temperature, flow, and pressure. Our IoT lab consistently finds ways to reduce size and lower costs, regardless of the application.

Our expertise solves software and network interoperability issues as well as materials and supply chain challenges. We quickly get you to market. And our digital supply chain experience — with a global footprint — ensures the delivery of reliable product on-time and at the lowest landed cost.

Jabil’s Sensors expertise is located throughout the world.