Home Care Packaging

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Packaging Solutions Overview

With home care products such as laundry and dishwashing soaps and cleansers, companies win with highly targeted packaging for diverse markets. Customers may want large, durable containers; families may want stand-up, semi-rigid plastic bags; emerging markets may demand single-use packets. And auto-replenishment, automatically ordering either refills or replacements, is growing throughout the segment.

In developing countries, particularly in Asia and the Pacific, increasing incomes and penetration into rural areas are driving stronger demand for home-care products, particularly laundry soaps. And as the markets mature, diverse packaging will be a must. Consumers are aging globally, making components such as spouts and closures important buying decisions. Not to mention sustainability, a mandatory concern for both consumers and manufacturers.

Jabil Packaging Solutions offers comprehensive expertise and manufacturing resources directly applicable to home care products. With a full array of intelligent, active, and rigid packaging capabilities coupled with the sophisticated supply chain of a Fortune 200 solution provider, Jabil is uniquely qualified to help you capitalize on the unique trends and requirements of your market space. We enable home-care packaging solutions that build brand brilliance.