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A more sustainable end-of-life solution for cosmetics, lotion, hair care and more.

The EcoJar is a hybrid paper packaging format that leverages recycled fiber for the outer shell and a recyclable inner liner that contains and protects the product. This two-piece format seamlessly connects the outer paper shell and interior liner to create a single-piece shell design. The outer shell and inner liner can be easily separated for recycling by removing the decal and applying pressure to the push tab on the base of the package.

This lightweight packaging format leverages post consumer recycled paper and reduces plastic consumption per unit by as much as 60%. EcoJar does not rely on adhesives to bond the paper and plastic, ensuring that recyclability is maintained. This new hybrid paper format provides a compelling option for cosmetics, lotion, hair styling and consumer health care brands that are committed to plastic reduction, recyclability, the use of recycled content and a lower carbon footprint.

Register for the EcoJar solutions webinar on August 30th, 2022 at 11:00 AM ET.

Market Applications


Lotions & Creams

Hair Styling

Consumer Health Care


Platform Benefits

Plastic Reduction

Recycled Content Usage

Enhanced Recyclability

Lower Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Branding


Platform Features


Single Piece Shell Design

Liner Customization

Recycled Content Ready

Push Tab to Recycle


Watch Replay: EcoJar Solution Overview Webinar

Ecologic’s groundbreaking hybrid paper bottle technology arrives in jar formats for cosmetics, lotions & creams, hair care products and consumer healthcare. This seamless two-piece design leverages a mechanical connection (no adhesives!) to connect the recycled outer fiber shell and recyclable inner liner. Watch the replay to learn how this lightweight, eco-friendly design leverages post-consumer recycled paper and reduces plastic consumption per unit by as much as 60%.