Jabil - Digital Manufacturing Robot-olution: Factory of the Future by the Rise of Robots

One creative solution being explored, implemented and expanded is automation. By automating simple, repetitive tasks, manufacturers are changing the way things are made and, in the process, transferring those benefits to their customers. “Automation will shift our people from tedious, low-value, manual tasks that have made it difficult to retain people into higher value, more thinking-oriented manufacturing tasks,” said John Dulchinos, Jabil’s Vice President of Strategic Capabilities. Industrial robots are increasing efficiency and cutting production costs while removing workers from health-harmful repetitive tasks. The growth of factory automation is especially prevalent in China, where companies are deploying robots to combat worker shortages. According to the International Federation of Robotics, sales volume reached about 57,000 in China, making China the world’s biggest industrial robot market for the second year in a row. According to IFR forecasts, the sales figures posted in China are expected to again rise dramatically, totaling around 150,000 units by 2018. By freeing up humans from basic tasks, workers can readjust their focus to more creative, complex tasks geared toward new technology advancements. Automation is not a true replacement of labor, but a reallocation of talent, providing new opportunities for people to move beyond the line and help build and program the robots of tomorrow. As everything becomes increasingly connected to the Internet, automation will not only solve labor cost and scarcity issues, but it will present amazing opportunities for people to perform jobs that haven’t been invented yet. “Technology is allowing us to have cheaper, smarter, more sensor-rich automation that can solve problems that weren’t previously solvable,” said Dulchinos. Please visit Jabil’s Blog to see the full article for deeper insights.

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