Additive Manufacturing for Automotive


There is no denying the pace of innovation and change happening in the automotive industry. In fact, we believe that the industry is setting innovation standards and benchmarks that will pay dividends for years to come.

From advances in autonomous cars, advanced driver assistance systems and the customization of consumer vehicles – advancements are happening quickly. A big part of the reason for this rapid pace of innovation is additive manufacturing.

As a key part of the automotive industry for more than 30 years, additive manufacturing is even more important in today’s competitive automotive industry and componentry ecosystem. The drive to be first with the latest design or to meet the needs of customers who want lighter components or on-demand part replacement means that additive manufacturing must be a key focus for any automotive company that wants to remain competitive and viable.

The developments we’ve seen in recent years in automotive design are staggering. We’re excited to see how additive manufacturing can continue to push out barriers and set new standards for design, fuel-efficiency, customization, and the repair and maintenance of legacy vehicles.