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It just keeps getting harder and harder to hold onto your customers. Barriers to entry are falling, Marketing channels have become fragmented and unpredictable, and to make matters worse, buyers continue to flock to ecommerce in record numbers. 

At Jabil Packaging Solutions we believe the next wave of CPG differentiation will come in the form of durable delivery systems that leverage convenient and sustainable refill consumables. These new device and consumable system solutions will transform the user experience and drive market share gains for the pioneering brands that develop and launch them at scale. 


Enhanced Dispensing Experience

Well-designed dispensing systems with optimized product refills offer a superior delivery experience when compared with legacy CPG formats. By adding electromechanical elements, utilizing sensors, leveraging higher quality components, or simply adding weight to the right places, brands can create dispensing devices that are far more functional, hygienic  and enjoyable to use.


Improved Sustainability

Durable device and consumable product ecosystems enable tremendous reductions in primary packaging material. Because the refill doesn’t require the same level of  packaging performance, brands can lower the plastics intensity or implement alternative materials with an improved sustainability profile.


Improved Aesthetics

Device & Refill systems solutions can be designed to offer improved aesthetics inside the home. Durable devices can leverage more premium materials and offer more choice in terms of color and shape when compared with single-use formats.


Ecosystem Lock-In for Enhanced Brand Loyalty

The sunk cost of a device and an improved dispensing experience create a powerful sense of brand loyalty with consumers. When done right, this razor-razorblade model can predictably drive repeat purchases and dramatically reduce consumer switching. No marketing campaign, product line extension or pricing tactic can compete when it comes to securing and growing product market share.

Brand Equity Improvements

Device & Refill system solutions improve the user experience, offer enhanced aesthetics and enable sustainability improvements. Brands that begin to offer compelling device-based products across their product lines will enjoy brand equity improvements as they prioritize the creation of products that consumers love.


Premiumization Opportunities

Standing out is not a challenge for products that perform better, look better and offer an improved user experience. These premium device & refill product ecosystems allow CPG brands to effectively target and gain market-share with discerning consumers who will happily pursue the best possible user experience, often regardless of price.

Device Development Services

Device & Refill Innovation Sprint

Do you have an idea for a device & refill product? The Innovation Sprint is intended to be a very first engagement between Jabil and clients interested in developing device & refill solutions. This service provides the tools you need to understand current market state, identify the opportunities at your disposal, and construct a compelling concept and business model to generate internal momentum.


Engineering Optimization

Would it be helpful to have access to manufacturing subject matter expertise as you are developing your device & refill solution? Whether you need assistance with manufacturability, assembly, supply chain, or device design, our team of VAVE engineers is here to provide a second set of eyes and help carry the load.


Engineering Capacity

Are your resources stretched thin? Are you missing a particular skillset and need to onboard expertise quickly for engineering design? With access to over 3,000 global engineers, Jabil can quickly provide individual engineering competencies as you need them.


Joint Product Design

Does your team need assistance with a significant portion of an overall product design? Jabil is extremely adept in joint development initiatives, maintaining the highest levels of collaboration and communication as we work together to create a new product that is manufacturable and cost effective.


Full Product Design

Is your pipeline overflowing with device projects? Or do you need to get something to market quickly and require immediate device development expertise and manufacturing capacity? At Jabil, we can handle your entire device & refill project, from build, to fill, to delivery. We have you covered from the up-front discovery work all the way to end-of-life.

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