AR/VR Devices

Jabil Precision Automation

Formerly Jabil Chad Automation

Virtually Perfect

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) devices combine the highest precision challenges with complicated material handling challenges. Since AR and VR devices are brand new inventions, inventive automation solutions are required to support the tolerances and assembly procedures involved in bringing these products to life.

AR/VR devices must meet strict industrial design requirements to be attractive, creating challenges for automation in handling the components of the assemblies. The challenges may be in the form of curved parts or features with few elements for machinery to interact with. Jabil Precision Automation has created proven methods for handling these components without sacrificing quality or relaxing the required precision of alignment or inspection.

When tackling the precision aspects of the AR/VR solutions we work with customers to determine the device features that best allow us to locate the alignment features in question. With these devices, the required alignments become more complicated than simply placing a square component in a square box. The device being placed has complicated geometry that needs to mate with other complicated geometry, so we work with their designers and technical team to identify the best fiducials that identify the location of the respective geometries to align the parts.

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