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Jabil Precision Automation

Formerly Jabil Chad Automation

Precision Assembly, High Velocity

We design motion control systems used for custom robotic solutions tailored to our customers applications. Those applications range from high speed pick and place operations, where high velocity and quick settling time is key to extremely high-resolution systems for nanometer repeatability and low jitter.

We understand that a robust motion control system requires an integrated approach to component selection as well as the feature set behind the hardware. A hardware solution for nanometer positioning needs to be paired with powerful software that can command the hardware to position. We’ve excelled at integrating these key features into our motion control systems and often exceed customer’s requirements.

Jabil Precision Automation employs a complex set of measurement devices when integrating our motion control systems to externally measure and prove that the solution satisfies all customer requirements. This could be measuring repeatability, accuracy or velocity of the load rather than depending simply on the encoder feedback.

Machine vision has an intrinsic role in precision automation.  Locating datum features of today’s products is not always as simple as locating a hole or a surface, therefore precision assembly applications places high demands on vision in terms of imaging quality and high pixel resolution.  Resolution of 5um per pixel is not uncommon. Specialized lighting is often necessary.  Calibration of the vision and motion are hyper-critical in achieving high-capability and consistency (GR&R). Our vision engineers are subject matter experts in the field; selecting the most appropriate cameras, lensing and lighting for a wide variety of product and process situations.

This attention to detail allows us to outperform the competition with our precision motion control systems.


  • DC/AC servo motors
  • Linear motors
  • Stepper motors

Control Interfaces

  • Ethernet/IP
  • Profinet IRT
  • Ethernet Powerlink
  • EtherCAT


  • Multiple packages and mix and match stage-servo-controller solutions

  • Robot mounted downcam and fixed upcam
  • Vision-Robot calibration procedures and gauge repeatability and reproducibility
  • High volume automotive camera assembly
  • Custom designed machine; multiple units deployed
  • Performs active alignment, dispense and cure as well as bezel assembly and functional test
  • Includes two 6-axis robots, a 4-axis precision assembly stage (1µm), and a 2-axis stage on a common controller

Customer Success

“We recently designed and integrated coordinated motion between a seven-stacked axis robot under a Cartesian robot with dual Y axes and yaw control!”

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