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Automation Line Controls Integration

At Jabil Precision Automation Solutions, we deliver factory automation software that controls and monitor your robotic assembly needs - from a single cell to full line control - satisfying all the unique requirements you may have. To produce reliable, easy-to-use factory automation software that reduces operator and machine error, we draw on our mature software platform and years of automation experience, coupling that with specialized configurations to meet of your tool or your factory environment.  Our role is to bridge the gap between what you need tomorrow and today’s manufacturing reality

Utilizing Agile methodologies to quickly react to changes in your needs or selected hardware, our team’s attention to real-world factory floor requirements will yield you an elegant solution instead of a series of disjointed controls.

We utilize tools that enable us to provide leading-edge factory automation technology for the semiconductor industry and incorporating a full range of the SECS/GEM standards for factory automation.

We provide the ability to manage multiple process steps in a single cell, and tune process to achieve the production goals of the line.  We are moving automation toward information-driven manufacturing.  We have the capability to simulate and compare production options based on product specifications, then propose “optimal” production paths that meet those specifications. 

Our Controls and Software Capabilities Provide:

  • Centralized or distributed controls; built to NEC, UL, CSA and EU standards.
  • Support for the GEM300 and SECS/GEM standards for fab host control
  • Either Client or Server relationship with your process tool or your factory host
  • Support for Ethernet, USB, Serial (RS232 RS485), and discrete I/O communication, and are open to Can bus, Modbus, Ethercat, and wireless communication
  • Compliance with safety and SEMI standards for UI and control, as well as company standards you require
  • Data collection from your manufacturing line is key for process control and production management to ensure higher yields/throughputs, our software has a backbone of connectivity between machines that allows a seamless integration from our equipment into your plant MES system. This is real time production data to support the growth of a connected manufacturing facility aligned with Industry 4.0

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