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Nanometer resolution orientation and alignment solutions

Stemming from our motion control capabilities we can easily tackle precision alignment applications at the nanometer level obtaining highly robust alignment precision in microns. Our precision alignment solutions are paired with vision system hardware, our alignment algorithms and user-friendly software to meet precision alignment requirements for wafer etching, optics assembly and general micro-device alignment/assembly. 

Intelligent Alignment Solutions:

  • Precision parts alignment orientation
  • Active alignment
  • Vision guided alignment
  • Multi-axis alignment

Industrial machine alignment and orientation consists of illumination, sensors, and industrial cameras as well as complex algorithms and other software to meet precision alignment requirements for applications such as wafer etching and optics manufacturing. 

Not only must the components be precisely aligned in a pristine environment, but they must be controlled for factors such as thermal changes and vibration caused by factors outside your control, such as heavy equipment nearby. Jabil Precision Automation’s expertise in this area is unparalleled. For example, a mechanical-optical switch required a nanometer-resolution motion and alignment algorithm for active alignment in 6-axes, and a miniature gripping solution for a 3mm device, so our engineers built a precision nano-positioning stage driven by a peak-light active alignment algorithm.

Extreme Alignment Solutions

  • Alignment of optical components with repeatability tighter than +/- 25 microns in X-Y combined axes as well as tighter than +/- 10 arc-minutes with CPK values above 2.
  • Planarity between parts tighter than 25 arc-seconds

Case Study

precision alignment case study

40% increase in repeatability yields dramatically improved user experience.


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