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Material Handling Solutions for Virtual Reality Devices

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When it comes to material handling solutions for Augmented and Virtual Reality devices, we tackle the most complicated, high-precision material handling challenges head on by delivering automated solutions that can meet the tight tolerances and intricate assembly procedures involved during assembly.

Augmented and Virtual Reality devices must meet strict industrial design requirements to be attractive – this often creates material handling challenges with the components involved during automation assembly. Some assembly challenges include curved parts or features with few elements for the workcell to interact with.

Jabil Precision Automation has developed proven material handling solutions for interacting with these hard to handle components – without ever sacrificing quality or relaxing the high-precision alignment and inspection requirements.

Developing a material handling solution that works

When tackling the precision aspects of the augmented and virtual reality devices, we work closely with our customers to determine the device features that best allow us to locate the alignment features in question.

Due to the device’s complicated geometry and its need to mate with other complicated geometry, we work alongside our customer’s design and technical team to identify the optimal fiducials that help identify the location of the respective geometries needed to align the parts. This will help ensure the highest quality and performance standard during automation assembly of the device.

Case Study

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40% increase in repeatability yields dramatically improved user experience.


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