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Solar Devices & Energy Manufacturing Solutions

Solar devices are used in a wide variety of terrestrial and space applications. In the past several years alone, we’ve been asked to help with terrestrial satellites, UAVs, portable power, terrestrial utility power, and general space solar modules with undisclosed end uses.

Solar cells are thin and fragile, requiring a high degree of control and precision when handling, because of very tight tolerances on connecting features. Additionally, the cells are manufactured in a variety of form factors. We avoid damaging the components by using a compliant tactile end-effector which allows us to contact the parts with without scratching or cracking. A variety of interchangeable tooling allows us to handle a variety of form factors. 

As the demand for efficiency increases in solar cells, so does the active area of the solar cell. This increase reduces the interconnect contact area and demands greater precision when landing the interconnect to the solar cell. Jabil Precision Automation’s precision automation capabilities solves the challenges faced with solar devices and energy manufacturing applications by providing alignment capabilities offering near zero tolerances.

Solar Cell Examples

  • Non-Crystalline (Amorphous)
  • Bio-Hybrid
  • Buried Contact
  • CdTe Silicon
  • Thin Film

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