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Nano-Positioning and Alignment in Automated Optical Assembly

Automated optical inspection and assembly applications require special awareness. Alignment precision can make the difference between a device that functions and one that provides peak performance. Machine cleanliness and care for functional surfaces requires unique know-how in the design of the automation and tooling.

Jabil Precision Automation has experience in camera and lens assembly has touched all areas of today’s consumer electronics devices and we are equipped to understand the machine factors that directly affect the performance of your device. Similarly, experience in fiber optic assembly provides us with tools for nano-positioning and active alignment, both hardware and software.

Adhesive dispensing and curing technology is also an integral component in the automated optical assembly process, requiring inventive methods to apply the adhesive as well as present the curing equipment to the adhesive bond area to perform a cure. We work with our vendors to ensure that we utilize the best equipment to provide fast and reliable curing profiles. Collaboration between our customers, our engineers and our suppliers allow us to bring together key material, equipment, and process technology to the benefit of our customers.

Additionally, our team understands the nature and challenges around automated optical inspection. Whether it be vision based or 3D laser measurement, we apply our know-how to build you the equipment that will build your product successfully.

Optic Bonder Case Study

  • Multi-process cell equipped with six-axis robot, for innovative optics assembly
  • Corona treatment prepares part surfaces for critical bonding process
  • Dispenses and cures UV activated adhesive
  • Executes complex optical alignment procedure, utilizing a six-axis hexapod stage

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