Advanced Driver Assistance & Monitoring Systems

Keeping Drivers Awake, Alert, and Alive

In today’s driving domain, the car has become an entertainment, communication, and working environment. Telephone calls, GPS directions, children’s movies, – they’re all vying for driver attention, along with the demands of the road. Couple this with the increasing fatigue factor of so many motorists, and we have a dangerous situation on the road.

With the automotive industry and global regulators constantly looking for ways to reduce crashes, and with fully autonomous vehicles on the horizon, the need to leverage sensor-based technology such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to increase vehicle safety has never been greater.

Camera-based Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) are an integral element of next-generation ADAS solutions. DMS are increasingly being used by the automotive & transportation industries to reduce distraction and drowsiness related crashes. And they must be present in all vehicles capable of SAE levels 3-4 autonomous driving – to ensure the driver is awake and alert and capable of taking back control of the vehicle after “hands-off and feet off’ modes.


Strategic Partnership Delivering Best-in-class Complete Driver Monitoring Solutions

Superior Performance

  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • Best-in-class dependability
  • Out-performs in ‘edge-use’ cases

Seamless Integration

  •  Multiple hardware and software configuration
  • Miniaturized hardware enabled by active-alignment manufacturing processes

Lean Processing Requirements

  • Runs on standard processors
  • Integrates into existing ARM architecture

Cost-optimized hardware

  • Hardware & software platform solution
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Cost-optimized hardware
  • Global, scalable manufacturing 

For reducing accidents caused by drowsy or distracted-driving today, and for enabling safety in SAE Autonomous Driving Levels 3-4 tomorrow, choose pioneering Driver Monitoring System solutions from Jabil and Eyesight. Keeping drivers Awake, Alert and Alive. 

Driver Monitoring System: How It Works

Camera-based Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) provide a real-time assessment of the presence and state of the driver. The DMS alerts the driver and integrated safety systems upon detection of a risk such as drowsiness or distraction. This feedback enables the driver and vehicle to take action before safety is compromised.

The same technology is also used to check that a driver can take back control of the vehicle after ‘hands-off and feet off’ autonomous driving modes. In fact, SAE autonomous driving levels 3-4 can only be implemented with the use of an advanced driver monitoring system.

An additional benefit of a Driver Monitoring System is the ability to recognize specific drivers of a vehicle, and then adjust the in-car environment to the driver's preferences: seat position, temperature, entertainment, etc. 


Our DMS solution platform delivers best-in-class performance.

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