Global Procurement Intelligence

Category and commodity market intelligence from our supply chain and procurement experts at your fingertips.

Actionable Intelligence Driven by Real-World Insights From the Front Lines of Procurement

Jabil’s hands-on analysis combines qualitative predictive assessments and quantitative guidance - a strategic advantage for design and sourcing professionals requiring more than traditional research to guide decision-making in fast-paced markets.

Expert Analysis with Actionable Insight

Jabil’s Global Commodity and Category teams manage billions of dollars in design and procurement spend across several thousands of network partners. Our day-to-day tracking of potential supply chain issues provides insight beyond “book pricing” and published lead times. 

For each category and commodity, we assess the interconnections and interdependencies defining and impacting their unique supply/demand landscape. From raw materials and component availability to regional and global logistics dynamics and geopolitical and economic factors — we help navigate an unpredictable world.

Subscribers have access to Jabil's digital Global Commodity Intelligence and Global Category Intelligence Portal with real-time alerts for impactful news. Published on a quarterly cycle, the reports are also available as PDFs in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Global Commodity Intelligence

Jabil’s Global Commodity Intelligence is derived from our hundreds of subject matter experts in our commodity, sourcing, and engineering teams who manage more than $23 billion in direct material spend. Additional insights are collated via billions of daily data signals from thousands of market-leading suppliers across the electronics value chain.  

Included in this subscription, you’ll benefit from “nowcasting” and forecasting with current, state-of-the-market trends and indices integrated from real-world insights covering Passives, Semiconductors, Interconnects, PCBs, and GME Commodities.  

Global Category Intelligence

Jabil's global supply partners represent more than 25,000 companies across the procurement sourcing value chain. We manage more than $6 billion in direct spend leverage with direct access to millions of data sources compiled daily from our spend network.

Included in this subscription, you’ll benefit from critical, real-world category insights with current, state-of-the-market supply intelligence, lead time analysis, and market dynamics impacting your business, including issues related to CAPEX, MRO and infrastructure, energy, contingent labor, information technology, logistics, trade and materials compliance, as well as overall pricing trends.

End Market Reports

Complementing Jabil’s Global Category and Commodity Intelligence Reports, Jabil’s latest intelligence offering is designed to support business leaders as they navigate challenging economic circumstances successfully and mitigate the various risks posed across the industry. 

Jabil's experts provide in-depth insights into market trends, technological evolution, supply chain risks, and opportunities, as well as offering recommendations tailored to businesses operating in the various segments outlined.

These publications deliver comprehensive overviews and insights into eight of the most in-demand sectors globally: 

  • Automotive
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Mobile Devices
  • The Cloud & Storage
  • Smart Home & Appliances
  • Retail & Payment Solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Energy