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Market intelligence from our supply chain and procurement experts at your fingertips.

Actionable Intelligence Driven by Real-World Insights From the Front Lines of Procurement

Jabil’s hands-on analysis combines qualitative predictive assessments and quantitative guidance - a strategic advantage for design and sourcing professionals requiring more than traditional research to guide decision-making in fast-paced markets.

Expert Analysis with Actionable Insight

Jabil has a valued reputation for being among the best in optimizing manufacturing and supply chain programs for more than 300 of the world’s leading brands. Navigating a vast network of over 36,000 suppliers and managing more than 700,000 parts across all market segments provides Jabil a unique perspective into the dynamic landscape of global procurement.

At Jabil, our supply chain teams across the globe gather billions of data points on commodity and category availability and pricing, supplier lead times, logistics conditions, and other critical intelligence every day. As active procurement and supply chain practitioners, our insights come from decades of experience — not observation.

In addition to Jabil’s Commodity and Category Insights, we also provide insights into 8 of the most in-demand end markets. Jabil’s experts provide in-depth insights into market trends, technological evolution, supply chain risks and opportunities, as well as recommendations tailored to the various markets. Gain market-specific intelligence to navigate challenging economic circumstances successfully and mitigate the various risks posed across the industry.

Covering supply, price, and market dynamics for passives, semiconductors, interconnects, materials, electro-mechanicals and more. LEARN MORE



Covering supply, price, and market dynamics across CAPEX, MRO, infrastructure, energy, contingent labor, IT, logistics, and materials and trade compliance. LEARN MORE



Insights into market trends, technology, and supply chain for 8 of the most in-demand markets today. LEARN MORE



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