PA 4035 CF


PA 4035 CF is an ESD safe carbon fiber PA12 copolymer which provides greater stiffness, strength and toughness over similar products on the market.The high carbon fiber loading provides superior tensile strength and modulus while the PA12 base promotes relatively high ductility and ease of handling. Special formulation and processing reduce filament breakage during loading and printing. PA 4035 CF prints on any open-source desktop filament 3D printer.

PA 4035 CF is well suited for printing ducting in automotive and aerospace applications, casting patterns, composite tooling and prosthetics. For demanding applications within the aerospace and automotive industries, the filament provides high heat deflection temperatures. The dimensional stability also increases compared to standard nylon due to the additional of carbon fiber. In addition, PA 4035 CF increases stiffness and strength in load bearing orientations while showing less warping than standard nylon.


PA 4035 CF is an extremely strong and stiff material which is great for products that require additional strength. Advantages are:

  • High strength, stiffness and toughness
  • Mechanical properties can be tailored by adjusting fill orientation
  • Superior printed part surface finish quality
  • Ease of handling filament during loading and printing
  • Surface resistivity of ≤E9 for ESD sensitive applications
  • Low print temperature enables the use on more machines


PA 4035 CF
  • Ducting for automotive and aerospace
  • Casting patterns
  • Composite tooling
  • Prosthetics

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