Design for Additive Manufacturing

Shorten Lead Times and Reduce Manufacturing Waste

The Benefit of Frictionless Manufacturing

Our team can help you Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) which unlocks almost endless design freedom and supply chain simplification through BOM consolidation and reducing complex assemblies. Let our team help your team realize these benefits:

Design Freedom

DfAM & Engineering

Additive manufacturing design is liberated from the rules of traditional manufacturing methods. Draft angles are no longer a consideration and much greater complexity in part design is now possible within one print build with no assembly required.

BOM Consolidation

DfAM & Engineering

Consolidating parts is an obvious advantage of DfAM and additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing processes enable the production of geometric shapes that would otherwise require assembly of multiple parts. When designers think of the entire product holistically instead of just one part, costs can be saved while making the overall product more effective and efficient.

Reduction of Weight and Materials

DfAM & Engineering

Additive manufacturing adds material in layers instead of removing material like CNC machining. Creating products layer by-layer is inherently less wasteful than traditional subtractive methods of production. With this highly-efficient approach, weight of products can be substantially reduced and unused materials in the print bed can be reused making additive manufacturing very sustainable.

Time and Cost Efficiency in Production

DfAM & Engineering

While additive manufacturing processes are significantly slower than injection molding for fabricating components, they are better suited for low-part quantities as there is no startup tooling required for production. And relatively early in the design activity for DfAM, the decisions taken will commit the operation to costs which will be incurred later, providing the opportunity to build-in additional cost savings.

Enable Mass Customization

DfAM & Engineering

It's now economical to design and manufacture to fit individual requirements, deliver better ergonomics, and produce small batch serialization and lot identification for industries that require it, while having the option to unlock new business models and special edition products at scale.

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Impeller for Medical High-Level Assembly

  • Part consolidation – 73 parts to 1

  • Previous product was hand-assembled

  • Throughput increased from 3 fans/week to 150 fans/week

  • Improved quality and reduced potential failure points

  • HP MJF, PA-12 Material