Production Parts & QMS

Shorten Lead Times and Reduce Manufacturing Waste

We Deliver Production Parts and Apply Manufacturing Rigor with Proven End-to-End Processes that Ensure Success.

Jabil Additive drives greater manufacturing speed and agility while helping customers improve how they design, make and deliver products. This enables design freedom, accelerated time-to-market and compliance to industry certifications, all while producing lot sizes from few to many, in local geographies and at economical prices.

Quality Management Systems at Required Scale (General ⭢ Specific)

Site or Facility Requirements

QMS and Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • IATF 16949 Auto
  • AS9100 Aero
  • ISO 13485 Medical

Addititve Mfg Workcell

Additive Specific Control Documents

  • Work Instructions
  • Inspection Sheets
  • Templates
  • Etc.

Customer Specific Requirements

PPAP, Site Audits, etc.

  • Documented Process flow
  • Control Plans
  • Etc.

Program or Project Specific Requirements

  • PPAP levels 1-5
  • Unique Product or Process Requirements

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KAV Portola Bike Helmet

  • First custom production helmet enabling a true custom fit

  • 25% better protection due to superior mechanical properties and layer to layer adhesion

  • Consistent performance and impact attenuation maintained from -20C to 60C

  • Improved durability over foam, resistance to most household solvents and UV stable

  • Beautiful matte finish with none of the tooling costs