PA 4050 GB Additive Powder

PA 4050 GB has well-balanced material characteristics that are ideal for applications that require durable, high-quality parts with higher stiffness than PA 4000. The detail resolution and excellent surface finish allow for solid-built parts. Due to the increased density over PA 4000, parts of a similar size will have more heft. Multiple finishing possibilities makes the PA 4050 GB ideal for open-sourced laser sintering 3D printers.

Similar to a PA 12 GB, PA 4050 GB should be selected for applications that require functional testing, durable prototyping, or low-volume builds. With increased dimensional stability, this material holds up to heavy-duty part requirements.


  • Functional prototypes
  • Complex geometries
  • Low temperature duct work
  • Caster housings
  • Housings and enclosures


  • Higher stiffness than PA 4000
  • Produces dense parts with an excellent surface finish
  • Color stability
  • Relatively isotropic performance

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