PA 4500 Additive Filament


PA 4500 Filament is a low warp, neat Nylon copolymer that has good lay flat/low warp properties, excellent appearance, strength in both XY and XZ directions, toughness, and can be used at lower processing temps (260-280° C). 

Along with better printability, PA 4500 Filament also delivers better appearance, 100% elongation at break and better overall strength compared to other commercial PA’s and products like PETg and PLA.


  • Greater Z strength
  • 100% elongation at break







  • Prints on open platforms including Ultimaker S5, UM 3, Raise3D, Method X and Taz® Pro Platforms 

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  • Component production of less than 20,000 per year with complex geometries that require good wear properties and appearance but also strength and durability
  • Examples include:
    • slides
    • screen printing pallets
    • automation sleds
    • adaptors for fluid and materials handling
    • end-of-arm tooling (EOAT)
    • masking covers
    • die-cast models and patterns
    • clips
    • covers
    • housings
    • gears


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • General manufacturing

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