PA 4000 Additive Powder

A very durable nylon powder, PA 4000 has well-balanced material characteristics that are ideal for a wide variety of applications. The detail resolution, excellent surface finish, and 34% elongation at break ensures this bright white material meets your product requirements. The chemical resistance and various finishing possibilities make PA 4000 ideal for open-sourced laser sintering 3D printers.

Similar to a PA 12, PA 4000 should be selected for applications that require functional testing, low to mid-volume production runs or prototyping. Even though this material should be processed in an inert environment, PA 4000 does not need to be dried prior to processing which adds to the convenience of use.


  • Functional prototypes
  • Complex geometries
  • Low temperature duct work
  • Caster housings
  • Housings and enclosures
  • Parts with snap-fit features


  • Excellent tensile elongation and impact strength
  • Exceptional powder flowability and melt wet-out
  • Produces dense parts with an excellent surface finish
  • Material has potential for high recyclability
  • Color stability

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