PK 5000 Additive Powder

A perfect balance of key mechanical properties resulting in a polymer that’s strong, tough and ductile

This material features a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties, such as high-impact strength, high abrasion resistance and improved elongation to withstand functional testing and use. Equally important, PK 5000 has high‑barrier properties and low-moisture absorption, which are critical for ensuring the quality and resilience of parts and products exposed to fuel and water.

Our engineered powder, which is based on PolyKetone, is an eco-friendly and non-toxic polymer made from carbon monoxide and olefins. The ability to leverage carbon monoxide, which is a leading cause of atmospheric pollution, reduces its overall carbon footprint.

Key Highlights

  • Improved impact strength over PA 12 SLS and similar nylon materials
  • POM like coefficient of friction and feel
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stable
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very good elongation properties
  • Wide processing window with similar processing parameters to PA 12 SLS
  • Low carbon footprint


Vidyard Cover

PK 5000 Impact Test Video

Watch our controlled drop test where we show the impact strength of PK 5000 versus SLS and MJF PA 12 powders.


In addition to a wide processing window, other advantages include:

  • Low temperature impact strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Physical properties and dimensional stability are not significantly affected by moisture