PC 1500 FR Additive Filament


PC 1500 FR is a flame-retardant, easy printing polycarbonate manufactured with FR UL V-0 material. The material is perfect for parts that require strength, stiffness and impact resistance along with flame retardancy. 


  • Made from UL V-0 yellow-card-certified raw materials
  • Stiff with excellent impact strength and ductility
  • Very good flame retardancy and self-extinguishing properties
  • High impact resistance 
  • Testing performed in a qualified lab demonstrates V-0 burn properties on a printed part down to 2mm thickness when printed with the correct design and print parameters*


  • Can be printed on direct-drive and Bowden tube 3D printers


  • Housings (including battery housings)
  • Welding fixtures
  • Brackets
  • Motor mounts
  • Parts for aerospace or automotive applications


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • General manufacturing


  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS System


* Jabil is not responsible for UL certification of parts printed by any third-party. Finished part testing and certification is the responsibility of the user/fabricator.